B4- Response to Topic: ‘Managing the Effects of Expansion’ Sub-topic: ‘Environment introduction’ / ‘Air quality’


‘Environment introduction’ / ‘Air quality’ Question:
‘Please tell us if there are any other initiatives or proposals that we should consider in order to address the emissions from airport related traffic or airport operations.

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Your plans to grow Heathrow by 58% in terms of annual flights is wildly incompatible with the following:

1. The UK Committee on Climate Change objective of net zero C02 by 2050
A. I have read in your Heathrow ‘2.0 Carbon Neutral growth roadmap’ of your intention to off-set your increased CO2 emissions by buying credits in other countries/ industries- this will not contribute to ensuring that carbon and other air pollution in London is reduced. The measures proposed (including carbon off-setting in a different geography) will not contribute to an overall reducing and maintaining low levels of air pollution in absolute terms in London.

B. It is in direct conflict with the major commitment to the London population to improving air quality in across London. Whilst absolute maximum thresholds for road emission pollution has been set for London for surface transport with the objective of reducing the absolute surface generated emissions across London, no equivalent commitment to exists to limit aviation generated emissions across London. I want the same commitment to the introduction of specific limits (ULEZ) for aviation generated emissions to be implemented, monitored and reported on in specific locations across all of London overflown by flights to and from Heathrow. The pollution upper thresholds and reporting must cover: CO2, NO, NO2, PM10, PM2.5, SO2 and O3 )

2.I therefore strongly oppose the proposed 3rd runway and the IPA

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