SEBRA now a Neighbourhood Area

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In early 2014 Westminster City Council recognised the SEBRA Area as a Neighbourhood Area; this is an essential first step towards the creation of a Neighbourhood Forum. This process has registered our boundaries (click here to see the map on this website), and should inhibit any other applicant from trying to apply for Neighbourhood Forum status within them. It does not however commit SEBRA to making a second stage application to become a Neighbourhood Forum.

For a general description of the concept of Neighbourhood Forums, see pages 18 to 21 of the Summer 2012 issue of SEBRA NEWS (reproduced below). For a brief introduction to this new type of local organisation click just once on each pair of pages to read them clearly.

The President, John Walton, told the AGM on 19 November 2012 that the Committee has been considering the possibility of SEBRA’s applying to be a Neighbourhood Forum for the area it currently represents. He said that the Committee’s judgement was that there was no pressing need for such a major change in SEBRA’s status. The matter would be kept under constant review, and a future general meeting would be asked to approve any proposed change.