Some content submission guidelines for SEBRA NEWS W2. If there is anything you do not understand, or if you have any questions, please email:

What to Send

Articles: The perfect file to send for an article is a Word document via email, prepared as follows:

  • Suggest a main heading to your article
  • Suggest sub-headings in the article if appropriate
  • Format anything that is a quote with italics
  • Format anything that needs highlighting in bold.
  • Please do not apply different fonts, colours, indents etc…. All of this will be removed.
  • The magazine gets professionally proof read, but you should proof read your own copy, or have it proof read, before submitting.
  • Before sending your article, please read it one more time.
  • PDF files for advertisements are ideal. Full page advertisements should include a 3mm bleed area. Refer to this guide for further information.

Letters and Safety Valve: Please send content in a simple email

  • Please just send your letters and Safety Valve contributions in the body of an email
  • Please include your name, the name of the street you live in, and whether you are a SEBRA member
  • If you do not wish us to publish your name and/or street address please advise.

If your contribution needs images, please supply them as follows:

  • .jpg format for photos.
  • .png format for graphics (but .jpg is OK too).
  • .tiff files should be avoided if possible (typically they are of a very large file size, and regardless of this will be converted to .jpg for print).
  • Every image should be sent at the highest resolution available.
  • If you are emailing images please include caption suggestions.
  • If you need to send a lot of images consider using WeTransfer or sharing via Google Drive etc…
  • Please name your image appropriately e.g: ‘wall-damage.jpg’. If images are named something like “_IMG_5466777.copy(3).jpg” it adds to the work required

Word Count

  • For letters and Safety Valve contributions the word count does not matter, but a minimum word count of 70 is advised.
  • Full page articles should contain between 500 and 900 words. “Image Heavy” articles should be at the lower limit, more “wordy” article at the upper limit.
  • Double or halve the above for two-page spreads or half pages.
  • If in doubt, don’t hesitate to drop us an email, we are keen to help.

Deadlines (Important: regular contributors will receive individual emails in relation to their deadlines).

  • The deadline for articles, letters, Safety Valve contributions and any other content for the Summer 2022 edition is Friday 20 May, other than:
  • The deadline for advertorial content is Friday 27 May – A date which ONLY applies to content that we are expecting to arrive.
  • The deadline for advertisements is Friday 27 May – A date which ONLY applies to content that we are expecting to arrive.

IMPORTANT – The opening of Crossrail *may* affect the dates shown above. We will keep contributors informed about any changes, and we will remain mindful of date-specific copy should any publication delays crop up.

What not to Send

  • Please do not send PDF files for articles unless you have absolutely no other option. The text can be hard to extract, and images will likely be at a lower quality than the originals.
  • Please do not embed images in emails. This often reduces their quality. Please send them as attachments.
  • Again, if you need help just ask, emails are replied to very promptly.