The Sping 2021 edition of SEBRA NEWS W2 featured this two page spread entitled “Green Baywater”. The page referenced links to various green resources, and you will find those links below, and much more besides. Future editions will feature more content on the subject of living green in Bayswater and we shall update this page accordingly.

Contact Green Bayswater

Please send us an email if you would like to be kept updated on green initiatives in Bayswater and/ or if you would like to get involved.

Air pollution calculator

Use this Personal Air Pollution Calculator to find out what you can do to reduce emissions and protect your health.

Live updates on air pollution levels in our area

Sign up to AirText to receive air pollution alerts direct to your phone via text and health advice.

Green transport

Look out for Clean Air Walking Routes – Some streets have cleaner air than others. Reduce your exposure to air pollution by taking a clean air route

Look for cycle parking – Search using this online map

Plan your cycle routeFollow this link

Look for cycle rentals

Look for electric vehicle charging pointsCharging points and electric vehicles UK 2020 – Zap Map

Request an electric charging pointFollow this link

How best to dispose of items

Look for responsible ways to dispose of different items

How to reduce energy use in your home

Electricity meters can help to monitor and reduce usage.

Calculate annual running costs and carbon emissions of your appliances and electricals – Running Cost Calculator for Appliances & Electricals

If you, or someone you know, are on a low-income or receive certain benefits, you may be eligible for a Green Doctor appointment. A Green Doctor will help you find ways to save money on your energy bills while keeping your home warm. Green Doctors London

How to reduce draughts in your home. A helpful guide to draught-proofing – Energy Saving Trust

Getting to grips with your thermostats or heating controls. It’s a simple thing but understanding these settings can make a big difference to your bills. – Thermostats and heating controls – Energy Saving Trust

How to save energy by changing the lighting in your house.Guide to energy efficient lighting – Energy Saving Trust

Check your home’s energy performance. All rented and owned homes should have a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). You can check yours. What type of property is the certificate for? – Find an energy certificate – GOV.UK ( and use this guide to decode it Guide to Energy Performance Certificates – Energy Saving Trust


Volunteer to contract businesses to ask them to sign up the #EnginesOff pledge – Follow this link

Westminster City Council Initiatives

Solar panels – Grants are available from Councils.

Solar energy

The council commissioned the installation of 124 solar power systems across 65 sites in Westminster in 2011, to harbour sustainable energy for homes across the city.

The systems supply electricity to the communal areas such as corridors and lifts of several Westminster-owned housing sites such as the Amberley Estate and Holcroft Court, allowing our residents to benefit from sustainable energy in their homes.They also send energy to the national grid, to help support the use of sustainable energy across the country.

This year, the solar power systems have saved 91 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to driving a car around the world thirteen times. WCC Climate Change Projects

Electric vehicles

WCC has installed 450 electric vehicle charging points across the city to help encourage more EVs and the council has plans to reach 1,000 within a year

Recycling Initiative

WCC has launched a recycling initiative: ‘In It To Win It’ on the Halfield Estate and Warwick Estate – Follow this link.

Engine off. Every Stop

WCC supports the London wide campaign aimed at getting drivers to turn their engines off when they are stationary. Champion this initiative. Idling Action London — Reducing engine idling to help clear London’s air

Look at WCC’s Climate Change Emergency website for more information the council’s green initiatives Climate emergency | Westminster City Council

Examples of best practice in other London Councils

Hammersmith & Fulham

H&F Council are installing 56 Small Air monitors on lamp posts across the borough in congested areas ( real time data available to residents)

In November 2020 the council announced that it was starting to install the monitors will pick up the contents of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), and other solid particles in the air that can be toxic (PM2.5 and PM10). They will collect data at one-minute intervals, which will be published on the council’s website. Mass roll out of air quality monitors in H&F to help tackle pollution and traffic congestion | LBHF

Brent Council

Residents can borrow an energy monitor for 3 weeks. Brent Council offers residents the use of one of four types of energy monitors to help residents understand their home energy usage. It works like a library book loan.
Brent Council – Borrow an energy monitor

Kensington and Chelsea

The council runs a community garden scheme. It transforms under-used, neglected or disused areas of land into allotment style tardens where local residents can grow their own fruit and vegetables. Each plot is aprox 3m2 and there are 70 plots and 1000 residents involved.
Royal Borough Environment Project | Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Islington Council Islington

Council has created a world first Burnhill Heat and Power station which uses excess heat from the tube system to generate discounted energy for local residents. Bunhill Heat and Power

Camden Council

Camden has launched a Green helpline helping its residents with free and impartial advice on energy saving, grants and discounts for energy saving measures such as insulation, reducing fuel bills and switching suppliers, preventing damp and mould and renewable energy, reducing waste by composting,
Green Camden Helpline (Camden Council) | Cindex