SEBRA's magazine, packed with news of events happening around or affecting Bayswater, is issued free to all members and is published three times a year (in Spring, Summer and Autumn). It is well-respected by its many audiences, which include local politicians, staff at all levels at Westminster City Council and major local contractors. It is a superb source of information on what is happening in Bayswater and wider Westminster, and its influence is considerable.

To advertise

SEBRA NEWS W2 carries many advertisements in each issue, most of them from local businesses who recognise the benefit of regular advertising in a publication of such quality, which is read avidly, and referred to for many weeks until the next issue is published. To place an advertisement, please contact the Editor in the first instance. To download our Guidelines to Advertisers, which give costs and technical information, please follow this link.

SEBRA NEWS W2 has received more than one London-wide award, recognising the fact that it is one of the best such publications produced anywhere in Greater London.

In 2010 it came first among all magazines produced by more than 1,500 local societies. In 2012 it was again commended in the same competition (held every two years), which is no longer entered to save the judges embarrassment!

Apart from many excellent articles from many authors on subjects of local interest, it contains popular regular sections which include:

  • Around Bayswater
  • Shopping and Restaurants
  • Property and Planning News
  • Highways Report
  • Letters to the Editor

Until early 2012 we referred to the publication as the SEBRA Newsletter; we now prefer the term 'Magazine', to reflect the fact that each issue contains around 130 full-colour pages with a host of photographs, produced to full professional standards.


SEBRA is not run for profit, has no political associations and works in the best interests of Bayswater residents and those in the surrounding areas. As such we remain very grateful for donations, whether from our members, the general public or local businesses. Such donations help us continue to produce a high quality magazine three times per year.

Online Versions of SEBRA NEWS W2

The versions of the magazine that we put online are just small samples of the print version. They normally contain a page or two from each section, along with our letters page and contact information. If you're considering advertising in the magazine please contact John Zamit. Don't forget that our members receive the magazine for free three times each year, so why not consider joining us?

Current Edition – Autumn 2023

Our online edition of SEBRA NEWS W2 contains selected pages from the print version that SEBRA members receive,If you'd like to download a copy then simply right-click on the cover and choose the appropriate option for your web browser.

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