B1 -Response to Topic 1- ‘Our Preferred Master plan’ ‘Airport Masterplans 2022-2055’-question


Airport Masterplans 2022-2055’- question:
‘Please tell us what you think about any specific parts of our Preferred Masterplan or the components that make up the Masterplan’.

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A. Deeply concerned about the scale of the project and the proposed increase in flights from 475,000 to 756,000, if IPA and 3rd Runway goes ahead as proposed)
B. Deeply concerned about the environmental and mental and physical health impacts on the London population due to Air pollution and Noise pollution, as well as deeply concerned about security impacts of increased flights over such a densely populated area as London.
C. Deeply concerned that the project being positioned as a locally driven initiative, when locals including local councils have no formal say in the proposals due to Heathrow being 100% privately owned business with a commitment to generate returns for their shareholders over and above any other interest. This is in contrast with as e.g. Manchester Airport where 9 Manchester councils together own 64.5% of the Airport and the councils therefore have a direct & formal way of looking after the interests of their community.
D. Deeply concerned about the rationale of increasing airport capacity in a densely populated area to cater for doubling of cargo from 1.7 million tonnes to 3.4 million tonnes (should be dispersed across the UK and leverage surface -based infrastructure investment including rail)
E. Deeply concerned about the unclear positioning of ‘we’ (coming across as Heathrow) as developing the upgraded surface transport infrastructure, when it is in fact tax payers who would fund the vast expense.
F. Deeply concerned about the rationale for increasing the current annual flight cap of 480,000 which was set in 2001. What has made it more acceptable to the London population to have vastly more flights flying over London and in and out of Heathrow than it was deemed to be in 2001, other than commercial interests’ businesses and Heathrow Airports Ltd itself?
G. Deeply concerned that economic benefits appear to have been overstated and adverse health implications have been severely understated both in government briefings and in consultations.
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